What makes us stand out?

Healthy nutritious meals, plenty of fresh air and exercise, learning their ABC's, making new friends ... all nurseries will look after your child but the key thing is how they do it. We do it by putting a smile on children's faces.

A happy child will learn more, be healthier and be more confident. Our approach puts your child's happiness right at the centre of everything we do. We believe that everything else flows from this and so we use the latest happiness research and techniques to delight your child and increase their wellbeing. A sense of humour will take you a long way in life.

It's not just our approach which makes our nursery stand out from the crowd but also our amazing staff team. They arrive at nursery each day excited, full of energy, ready to make each child’s day special and lots of fun. We recognise that play is an essential part of a child’s life and so we provide them with opportunities to have lots of fun as they explore, develop social skills, creativity and their own identity.

If you are looking for a nursery that actively promotes your child's personal happiness then Bluestone is the place for you.

Meet our team…

"I love being part of an extended family, nurturing children to grow into confident, happy individuals and supporting families along the way."

Jackie Rowson

"Children are amazing and surprise you on a daily basis with their knowledge."

Sylvia Crompton

"I love working with children because every day is something new and different and there is never a dull moment. I enjoy getting to know the children individually - learning about their lives and what they enjoy doing. There no better feeling than walking into my room in a morning and seeing all the children happy and smiling, ready to learn and explore more"

Danielle Else

"I enjoy working with children as it such a privilege to help watch them grow and develop into young independent girls and boys they are today and I am blessed to have been involved with so many children's lives already whilst they are at a nursery. Nothing seems to wake me up better than when I enter the room and the children are saying Katie or Kakie, but one thing I do feel strongly about is going above and beyond to help and support each and every child's development"

Katie Featherstone

"I love working in the kitchen at nursery making healthy dishes the children enjoy. The most honest bunch of critics you will ever meet."

Mike Jones

"I love working with children as I enjoy getting to know them individually - discovering what they like. I love playing games, doing activities and having fun with them."

Leah Molloy

"I love the rewarding feeling I get when I help the children explore their curiosity, sense of wonder and enthusiasm for play, and seeing their happiness when they achieve their goals through learning"

Claire Pemberton

"I love working with children because everyday is a new exciting challenge helping children learn, play and have fun."

Heather Reynolds

"I enjoy working with children because there is never the same day twice! There’s always something new going on.

Everyday when I walk into the nursery, I am greeted with smiles, laughter and hugs! From me laughing at them pulling a face when they taste a tangy fruit at breakfast, to them giggling when they are being tickled. I love working with children because there is never a dull moment! "

Robyn Taylor